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service Bolting & Heat Exchanger

Our goal: 100% joint integrity assurance

Bolt handling is one of our core technical competencies and we pride ourselves in providing unrivalled quality of service in this discipline. We provide accurate and high-quality bolt handling services for bolts up to 3.5” and count the largest bolting team in Belgium with 35 specialists.

Bolt handling

We start by in-house load calculation and assessment of proper bolt handling technique in order to assure leak-free flange tightening. We use state-of-the art torque tools up to 35,000NM and tension tools up to 3.5” to tighten each bolt in a safe, controlled and sequential manner. 

During operations we always apply a rigorous quality assurance/quality control procedure ensuring a leak-free solution right from the first time for all your bolted flange joints. We provide a full traceability on your bolted flange joints due to our in-house methodology.

Due to our extensive track record and knowledge we are frequently asked to implement a flange management procedure at our customers’ production sites in order to assure joint integrity. Our competent staff are trained according to the Global industry standard EN1591-4.  

We have the largest bolting team in Belgium.


Heat exchanger

We provide dismantling and reinstallation mechanical services for heat exchangers. We have experience with handling different type of heat-exchangers such as floating head, U-tube, breech lock, etc. We have special designed equipment to safely handle heat-exchanger components. Force Mechanics provides post-assembly testing services to ensure a leak-free start-up by using hydrostatic, air testing to ensure mechanical integrity of all bundle components.

Force Mechanics Certification

Bolted joints are everywhere as such we provide our services from a chemical process plant to a theme park roller coaster.

Force Mechanics Certification

Our competent personnel have been trained and certified by the Global industry standard EN1591-4. 

In addition we provide in-house training on our own heat-exchanger/flanges to simulate real-world practical experiences and update our employees on a continuous basis.