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Safety above all

Unsafe situations can lead to an incident or worse an accident. In order to prevent an incident or an accident Force Mechanics would like to be informed of any unsafe situations as they take place as such we can take the proper measures and continuously increase the awareness for safe behaviour. Your report will help to improve safety of our employees, customers, society and our environment. We are committed to attaining zero incidents and are convinced that all injuries can be prevented.

Force Mechanics Safety Officer

Meet our Prevention Advisor

Michiel Van Regenmortel


Force Mechanics Safety FAQ

  • What does Force Mechanics do to ensure safety?

    We have the obligation toward our employees, environment and those who work with us to undertake any work in a healthy and safe way. We believe that any accident or incident can be prevented and try to take as many measures to reduce them by education, coaching and awareness trainings on a daily basis. 

    We are aware that this does not happen overnight, and continuously invest according to our 5 core values to sustain a safety culture. Every project is tackled with a standard project-based safety communication plan (e.g. Kick-off, start-work discussions, etc.), as communication is key in our sometimes harsh and difficult working environments. 

    We provide safety toolboxes, perform audits and learn from our daily activities and faults on a continuous basis. We oblige our self to always evolve in our way of working and determine a practical in-the-field ‘safety topic of the year’ in which we put a lot of focus and attention (Safety Topic 2016: Falling objects). 

  • Which in-the field safety topic will we tackle for 2023?

    under investigation

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