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We are always looking for tech savy pros to join our team

Force Mechanics is a fast growing company full of opportunities and always on the lookout for motivated, enthusiastic, punctual and flexible people. Our most important asset is our People and we try to support everyone in their development path in becoming the best they can be. As such we provide you with all the necessary skills you need and offer both internal and external trainings. We engage our staff frequently by organising different corporate events and information sessions. We aim to attract people that share our core values, want to grow and are looking for challenging technical projects to accomplish together with our Force Team. Check out our vacancies below:

  • Site Manager (Werfleider)
    your position

    As site manager you :

    1. ensure the correct application of the contract and the consistent execution of the assigned tasks within the maintenance process (work preparation, reservation materials, etc.)

    2. manage the on-site team.

    3. are responsible for:
    - the economic, efficient, timely and safe execution of the work
    - a continuous improvement course (technical and organizational)
    - for the quality, the quantity of the staff deployed, taking into account holidays and absences
    - for the quality and quantity of contractors required
    - for the correct purchase, treatment and storage of materials
    - for financial settlement of the contract
    - for the timely inspection and re-inspection of work equipment
    - for the correct compliance with the client's procedures and specifications

    4. are responsible for the competence management of the deployed personnel, own people and subcontractors.
    - drawing up a competence matrix for the various functions
    - developing and maintaining a training matrix with appropriate training and coaching programs for the various functions
    - coordinating the training and coaching programs for the deployed staff
    - developing and following up introduction programs for newcomers

    5. are the first point of contact in case of non-conformities that are reported to the contractor.
    have to prepare and attend consultation moments.

    6. are responsable for safety :

    - promoting the safety culture to improve the working conditions of the staff.
    - ensure the application of safety rules and the internal regulations.
    - sessions lead to raising awareness of staff in safety.
    - ensure that staff have the required qualifications
    - carry out every necessary asset to improve the security of the site.
    - anticipate the introduction for staff who arrive at the site for the first time.

    your profile

    * A masterdegree in engineering or equal by experience

    * In possession of full VCA

    * Native Dutch speaking and strong in English (German & French are a plus)

    * A certificate in safety is a plus

    * Customer Intimacy is highly recommended

    what we have to offer

    A position at one of the leading mechanical companies in Benelux with an attractive salary package and additional familiar benefits.

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  • Supervisor Construction (welding & assembly)
    your position

    As supervisor construction you are responsible for providing directions and provide operational support to a team of 8-10 welders and mechanics under supervision of our project manager. Our day-to-day activities on-site, for this maintenance contract in region Antwerp, includes various welding and assembly projects (e.g. loading platforms, handrails, stairways, adapting existing constructions, etc.) and support during shutdowns. 

    your profile
    • Minimum A3 Mechanics or equal by experience
    • In possession of following certificates
      • VCA* Complete
      • Rigging critical loads (IS-006)
    • Language: Dutch and/or English
    • Knowledge of various welding techniques, etc
    • Minimum a few years of experience in a similar function

    what we have to offer

    Send us your CV and we will provide you with a detailed list of your tasks

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  • Flange Mechanic
    your position

    As Mechanic you will be part of a team of c. 8 mechanics led by our supervisors and project leaders on different industrial sites around Belgium or abroad during shutdowns or as part of a maintenance program.

    your profile
    • Minimum A3 Mechanics or equal by experience
    • In possession of following certificates
      • VCA* Basic
      • Flange Mechanic (IS-010)
    • Minimum knowledge of Dutch, French German or English

    what we have to offer

    Send us your CV and we will provide you with a detailed list of your tasks

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No worries, send us your CV and we will definilty get back to you with an answer. Force Mechanics is constantly on the lookout for talented people